The Historical Diving Society

The Netherlands

For many years we talked about establishing a Dutch Historical Diving Society in The Netherlands. During the summer of 2018 we decided to form a foundation by the name of “Historical Diving Society The Netherlands”. This went into effect in January 2019.


Who is the HDS- Netherlands?

Our background

Our objectives are to preserve the Dutch diving history by gathering and sharing knowledge, equipment and documentation. We will use this to keep the diving history alive by giving demonstrations and dive with this equipment.

To advance the education of the public in the study of the History of Diving by: 

  • Identifying, preserving and maintaining archives associated with historical diving.

  • Publishing appropriate literature and organising regular meetings on historical diving subjects.

  • Pursuing the establishment and maintenance of a museum for the permanent exhibition and preservation of items of historical and educational value.


"What more in your live do you want when you can dive the helmet??"

Kees de Jonge


Diving Events

Diving with historical Equipment

The goal of the DWEG is to meet other helmet divers, share information and dive with each other’s helmets. During the years, several meetings were held, shows were attended and demonstrations were given. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, the DWEG organised a 2-day event on May 14th and 15th 2011 with international guests. Since this new tradition was started each year the DWEG organises a International Diving weekend in september (see the agenda for the upcoming events).

Our goal is to bring as much as possible working and complete helmet diving suits together. We also want to provide a platform where the divers can talk about their hobby and where they have a chance to extend their own network. Most important is that we want to have fun with our gear!

Start of the HDS Netherlands

Historical Diving in  The Netherlands

During the last years, there was quit some helmet diving action organized by the Dutch Working Equipment Group. Several years we held helmet diving weekends at Lake Galder (Breda) and our demonstrations on nautical event Furieade (Maassluis), where members of the DWEG demonstrated the dressing and use of Drager and Siebe Gorman diving helmets. Some DWEG members also visited the Stoney Cove meeting to team up with the HDS members.


Dutch Working Equipment Group


Membership of the DWEG:

Since the start of the DWEG, membership is FREE, but;

• Members should own their own historical diving equipment with they would like to bring to the DWEG meetings and are willing to let other DWEG members use (part of) their eguipment.

• If a DWEG member is not the (proud) owner of historical diving equipment they are willing to contribute to the goals of the DWEG as a safety diver, making film or photographs or do another task to make the DWEG meeting to a succes.

The DWEG is a part of the HDS The Netherlands since the start of the HDS The Netherlands.

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